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iGlass at the EGU 2014

The iGlass consortium was well represented at this years EGU conference in Vienna. Highlights included the co-organised session (CL5.11) “Sea level in interglacials and the last deglaciation” which included the “Milutin Milankovic Medal Lecture” given by Maureen Raymo. It thematised her career with a special focus on her work on the climate variability over the past four million years.

Audience before the medal lecture of Maureen Raymo at the EGU 2014 (courtesy of Margot Saher)

Audience before the medal lecture of Maureen Raymo at the EGU 2014 (courtesy of Margot Saher)

iGlass members gave talks on their current work: Roland Gehrels spoke on the variability of sea-level in the north atlantic during the last millennium; André Düsterhus on the uncertainties of sea-level during the last interglacial and; Fiona Hibbert on a global repository of coral and speleotherm records for past sea level change.

iGlass was also well represented at the poster sessions: Emelie Capron presented a high latitude temperature evaluation across the last interglacial (see current blog), Katy Pol summarised climate in older interglacials (MIS 7,9 and 11); Joy Singarayer presented insights into the modelling of the thermometric contribution to global and regional sea-level rise during the last interglacial; Margot Saher looked at the modes of interglacial sea-level change; Karine Wainer showcased new constraints for MIS 5 and 7 for the Bermuda sea level and; Felicity Williams presented two posters on the use of isostatic scenarios to access coherence between continuous and instantaneous sea level indicators during the last interglacial.

Furthermore, many more contributions of iGlass members were presented in other sessions during the conference week. All in all the conference was seen as a good showcase for our work, which showed the broad range and depth of this project to a wider scientific community!

iGlass appears on the BBC!

Emilie Capron

Emilie Capron (British Antarctic Survey)

Research being undertaken by several members of the iGlass community was presented at the recent  EGU 2014 conference in Vienna and picked up by the BBC.

With the title “Scientists Probe Earth’s Last Warm phase” the article describes how the most comprehensive data record for the Last interglacial has been compiled and provides new insights into the patterns of  warming at the poles during this time.  Dr Emilie Capron, an iGlass research scientist at the British Antarctic Survey, told the BBC:

“Interglacial conditions, warm conditions, were in place earlier in the Southern Hemisphere than in the Northern Hemisphere.

Eventually, the Northern Hemisphere catches up and then both poles are warmer than they are today. It’s something we knew looking at a few records, but now we have more records showing exactly the same pattern”

To read more on this story or hear Emilie speaking to the BBC news please go to the following link

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