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PALSEA2 Meeting in Scotland


Suilven, Assynt (Scotland) viewed from the Glencanisp Lodge

Tucked away at the Glencanisp Lodge (Lochinver, Scotland) at the base of the Suilven mountain, the recent PALSEA2 meeting focused on databases of sea-level indicators. The meeting brought together experts from the ‘data’ and ‘modelling’ communities. iGlass was well represented (the meeting was organised by iGlass members Natasha Barlow and Anthony Long) with presentations from André Dϋsterhus, Peter Clark, Roland Gehrels, Fiona Hibbert, Glenn Milne, Matt Whipple and Felicity Williams.

Two field days introduced us to the geology and glacial history of the area, as well as examples of salt marsh and isolation basin records of past sea level change. Two days of presentations brought together the latest work on sea-level change and ice sheet interactions with a focus on sea level database creation and their application. Discussions enabled participants to gain insights into the work of others: for some it was their first close encounter with glacial till or salt marsh records in the field, for others it provided useful primer on U-series and cosmogenic dating, as well as insights into data-model integration/comparison.

The relaxed setting allowed senior and junior scientists to interact within a friendly environment and enjoy the stunning Scottish scenery (posters outside, in Scotland, in September!).


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